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Residential Renewable & Efficient Power Systems

How would you like to ALWAYS have power?

Interactive Energy Grids™ and Alternative Power Systems

Automation and Entertainment’s team is at the forefront of residential micro-grid design and build. Offering you the latest in grid or off-grid power systems that reduce energy costs using alternative power solutions. You will never be at the mercy of the utility company again with our state-of-the-art Residential Interactive Energy Grid™.

What’s an “Interactive Energy Grid”?

Common Micro-grids are small-scale versions of the centralized electricity system (the public grid). They achieve site specific power goals, such as reliability, carbon emission reduction, diversification of energy sources, and/or cost reduction. Unlike the utility based power grid and common micro-grids implementations, our Interactive Energy Grids™ (IEG’s) not only generate, distribute, and regulate the flow of Electrical power (kWH’s) and heat (BTU’s) they also control the use of energy throughout the residence’s infrastructure.

Our proprietary Artificial intelligence controls act like an  “energy broker” always making use of the most economically viable power source and seeing to the most efficient use of that power given the situation.

Interactive Energy Grids™ and Alternative Power Systems

Automation and Entertainment is a specialist in producing turn-key residential and small commercial power systems, either on-grid or off-grid enabling your firm to offer clients proven and tested clean electricity & heat at a fraction of the cost per KWH of utility supplied electricity.

A&e’s Interactive Energy Grid™ systems are designed to provide uninterrupted clean, efficient, low cost energy to meet the most demanding customers’ needs.  Utilizing the latest Cogeneration power systems in conjunction with appropriate alternative and/or renewable energy sources. A&e can design and implement an Interactive Energy Grid™ to meet the needs of your customer so they will never be at the mercy of the local utility company again.

Our energy services include:

  • Complete systems design and installation

    • Including ROI calculations

  • Energy audits and response plans

  • Residential and small commercial Smart Micro-grid power systems

    • On-grid or off-grid

    • Cogeneration systems

      • Clean, low-cost uninterruptable power and heat

    • Alternative and/or Renewable energy systems

    • Battery back-up systems

      • Whole house

      • Critical systems only

  • Intelligent controls designed to reduce or eliminate unnecessary power use.

    • Complete power-down of all A/V equipment when not in use

    • One button, whole house “away mode” turns off everything that is not necessary

    • Arms security systems sets lighting to low consumption mode and secures entries

    • Optimized lighting and HVAC controls

    • Intelligent irrigation programming

    • Reduced consumption pool/spa programming

  • Ultra-low power LED Lighting systems

  • Zero power green theaters

  • Thermally optimized window coverings

  • Application of qualified “green” A/V components

  • Low power TV replacement

  • Electronics recycling

Cogeneration Power Systems

Cogeneration systems are a reliable, very low-cost per KWH/BTU energy source. Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power, is the production of heat and electricity from a single source of fuel. These systems are powered by an internal combustion engine or gas turbine, are highly efficient at generating electricity and capturing heat that would otherwise been wasted converting it into useful thermal energy. The heat generated by the cogenerator is used for domestic hot water, house radiant heating systems, as well as pool and spa heating.

Alternative or “Green” power systems

As part of A&e's complete energy efficiency offering we can design and implement appropriate Alternative Power systems to help lower client’s cost–of-ownership and provide solutions for achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Solar PV systems

  • Solar Hot Water

  • Other Alternative / Renewable Energy Systems

Automation and Entertainment also has experience with other Alternative and Off-Grid power solutions including Cogeneration systems, Residential Fuel Cells, Wind Power and battery energy storage systems. We are always researching and evaluating new technologies, products and manufacturers to ensure we have the appropriate energy solution that’s the most efficient and reliable possible. Alternative and Renewable power systems are often site dependent so whether you project is on or off “grid” we can design a solution that’s right for your home that is reliable and will pay for itself many times over.

Uninterruptible Power Solutions

In order to provide a truly secure and reliable environment Automation and Entertainment designs and installs Uninterruptible Power Solutions and power conditioning systems for all critical systems to ensure the reliability and longevity of all the sophisticated electronic systems. Whether it’s a grid power outage, lightning strikes, or a brownout your customers investment is protected.

Energy Management

Automation and Entertainment’s experience and expertise with home controls can help. Designing and implementing intelligent controls, efficient and/or renewable energy systems can lower or even eliminate a property’s carbon footprint without sacrificing enjoyment or security.

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So what is a Cogeneration Power System & what are its benefits?

Cogeneration, also known as Combined Heat & Power, is the production of heat and electricity from a single source of fuel. The system powered by a gas turbine, is highly efficient at capturing heat that would otherwise been wasted and coverts it into useful thermal energy for on-site use. 

A typical grid tied home captures only 30% of the energy actually generated due to the wasted heat energy and transmission loses. Cogen systems improve energy efficiency from a meager 30% energy capture rate to a whopping 90% while reducing carbon emissions seamlessly producing and supplying hot water for heating.

  • For a large home that runs many high end systems, has a pool, a home theater and/or other critical electrical systems. Cogen systems can save thousands of dollars a month in electricity costs and create a very enticing return on investment (ROI).

  • They burn natural gas (or propane) which is much cleaner than other fossil fuels and therefore reduces the environmental impact in the form of reduced CO2 emissions.

  • Can be designed to provide the entire property with a reliable power source free from the utility company’s power outages.

  • Cogeneration systems are also an excellent choice for reliable and efficient off-grid power needs.

Cogeneration systems provide a source of clean uninterruptible power making a home or business safe and secure from the unreliability and escalating costs of the utility companies while reducing carbon footprint.