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We are Automation & Entertainment, Inc. – engineers, imagineers, dreamers, technology geeks, audiophiles, and craftsmen with the skills and expertise to make your dream home a reality.

Home Automation’s “A” Team

We are technology wizards always rethinking what's possible. With our heads full of ideas, dreams, and visions – along with the expertise and energy levels to match. We bring our client’s dream homes to life.

With over 25+ years in experience we have designed and built award winning automation & entertainment systems for some of the most demanding customers, from Hollywood movie producers and celebrities, to sports legends and business leaders, exceeding all expectations, turning their home visions into reality.

Our team is full of smart and passionate individuals each bringing something important and unique to the team. 


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Every client is given the individual attention necessary to understand your needs, wants and desires. Communicating each aspect of the job to all parties involved to ensure your satisfaction.

We understand your privacy is important and respect this to the highest degree possible. 

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Meet The “A” Team


Chief Creative Officer & Owner

Paul Wilkinson

Always a tinkerer, spending most of his earlier years working on sound systems for homes, cars, and anything people would let him touch. With a natural aptitude making things work he went to college earning an AS in Electronics. After college he began to move more and more into the depths of what was possible in the realm of sound and video. It was a natural progression into Home Automation and controls utilizing the latest tech to bring homeowner’s dreams to life while making it simple and intuitive to use. Realizing all those wonderful things that make a dream home comfortable, entertaining and secure were becoming expensive to operate and not very “green”, Paul began to explore energy efficient tech. He became a very early adopter and innovator in residential cogeneration installing what was likely the first such system at his own residence. As a result A&e has developed residential micro-grid tech that makes it possible to operate a large estate property economically and independent of the public grid. Paul is truly an innovator with an uncanny ability to produce incredible results. 

When not in work mode Paul enjoys travel, live music, scuba diving and is a confirmed Foodie with a special passion for Sushi.


Marketing & Business Development

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Electrical Engineering

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Acoustic Design


Mark Wialbut

On his path to a career in technology sales he went to work at Intel in Static RAM development before veering off into a start-up helping bring to market the world’s first microprocessor based energy management system. Mark spent most of his career in high tech, selling highly complex machines used to test microprocessors and memory chips in the semiconductor industry but he never lost the passion for energy efficiency. The high tech sales career taught him to translate complicated technology into simple concepts with real-world benefits.

Mark enjoys skiing, motorcycling, live music, gardening, and entertaining family and friends. He and his wife are Airbnb Superhosts.

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Tripp Hyde, PE

Tripp Hyde, PE is President of Hyde Engineering Services, Inc. He and his company focus on engineering design for specialty energy projects. He was previously Director of Engineering Services at Stem, Inc. Tripp has overseen the design, deployment, and operation of 250+ advanced energy projects, including behind-the-meter and utility-connected battery energy storage, MW-scale solar PV, and utility-scale microgrids. He also ran Rocky Mountain Institute’s EV preparedness initiative. Tripp has a dual-BS in electrical and computer systems engineering as well as two Masters degrees in engineering management and environmental management. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in 12 US States for electrical engineering.

Russ Berger, FASA

Russ Berger is President of The Russ Berger Design Group. Russ has over 2,500 designs to his credit. Representative projects include National Public Radio headquarters, Whitney Houston’s personal studio, Sweetwater, NFL Films headquarters, Kirk Franklin, Belmont University, Sony Music, MasterMix, Paragon Studios, BiCoastal Music and Lakewood Church. In recognition of his work, the industry has presented him with eight TEC Awards for technical excellence and creativity in acoustics and studio design. Russ is one of the original licensees for performing TEF measurements, and is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious Heyser Award.

When time permits Russ enjoys scuba diving with his family, music, reading and cooking.