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Some of our favorite examples of past work

Job Spotlights

San Jose Job - Client: Gary

One of our favorite jobs to date as we were able to create a seamless automation and entertainment profile throughout the entire home.

Gary has a passion for music and the arts and we we made sure that he was satisfied at any time in any room. This home boasts an incredible sound profile in every room with completely hidden wall and ceiling mounted speakers. The Coup de grace; a mind blowing, completely immersive home theater. This home theater surpasses any audiophile’s expectations delivering performances that sound and feel as if you were sitting in the sweet spot at your favorite concert venue (probably even better). The whole house automation and entertainment system is easily controlled using wall mounted and/or portable intuitive graphic touch panel controls customized for the owner’s convenience. No matter where you are in this home you are able to adjust the heating & cooling, select entertainment options, and control the lighting in every room.

The end result is an aesthetically pleasing, fully integrated whole house system that satisfied the owners desire for a convenient yet fully functional home automation and entertainment system.

Peninsula North  - Client: Dan

Dan's theater and sound stage is by far one of the coolest jobs we have done. We designed & built a "stealth" theater that allows the family to live comfortably in their home and living room, and when the time is right at a simple press of the button convert their home into a jaw dropping theater and music room. To the naked eye most would have NO IDEA there was even a theater in this home. The theater includes a whopping sound system, a stealth retractable movie screen, Crestron controls to control everything from lighting to music from a single touchscreen, and dedicated electrical panel just for the theater.

The end result is a beautiful combination of power and comfort, fully integrated theater that gives the owner the ability to utilize this room for every mood.