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whole House Entertainment

Whole House Entertainment Systems

Listen to Bach in the library, as Herbie Hancock jams in the bar, with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon rocking through the pool’s underwater and deck speakers while your favorite TV programming is playing in the kitchen. Perhaps you want to listen to your daughter practicing piano in the music room while you are catching up on some paperwork in the office, it’s all possible and we can make it happen.

Whole house entertainment systems are designed to play any A/V source in any area you desire, enabling you and your family to individually select their choice of music or video content regardless of what room or area they happen to be in. Intuitive controls with customized graphics make it easy to use and enjoyable for everyone.

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Conceptualization/Needs Analysis

We will work with you to conceptualize your home’s automation and entertainment possibilities, providing you with the application and product expertise we’ve gained from years of hands-on experience.

System Design Services

Working as in integral part of your home’s design team to ensure the design of your home’s controls system is integrated from the beginning avoiding missteps, delays and costly mistakes.


Engineering Services

Each project is engineered for optimum performance and fully documented for efficient installation and ease of service. Every aspect from space allocation, power distribution, and wiring, to component installation is documented to avoid construction problems and missteps.

Project Management

Your Project Manager, a single point of contact, will oversee and coordinate all the details of your home automation project.